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About MMI

Molindo's history begins with PT MadusariMurni Indah (Madusari) which was founded in 1965 as an ethanol producer in Madukoro village, Malang.

In the development of its business, Madusari later acquired Molindo, which was also a competitor's ethanol producer at the time.

The company group then developed and gave birth to PT Molindo Raya Industrial as an ethanol producer factory with a production capacity of 80,000 KL per year and also PT MolindoInti Gas as a CO2 gas production plant with a production capacity of 15,360 tons per year.

To market and distribute its products, PT MadusariMurni Indah then established PT Sumber Kita Indah as a trading and distribution company which has successfully distributed Molindo Ethanol and Molindo CO2 products, and won recognition in the Asia Pacific export market to Australia, Europe and all other corners.

Molindo corporate group currently has a market share of ethanol of around 55% of the national ethanol market.

To guarantee the need for raw materials derived from sugar cane drops, Molindo has established very good relationships and collaborated with Sugar Factories throughout Indonesia. Sugarcane or molasses drip which was a waste from the sugarcane process at the sugar factory that is processed by Molindo through fermentation and distillation processes into ethanol and CO2 gas and the waste is processed into fertilizer.

With this process Molindo becomes a company that produces zero waste in its production process.


Our strength

Our encouragement

Our goal

Our results

our vision

Being a holding company that fosters and supervises world-class companies with quality products that dominate the domestic market, Asia Pacific to all corners of the world.

our mission

  • Market and distribute with a strategic, modern and competitive approach
  • Upholding high quality products by educating the market through a modern approach
  • Carry out all activities of the Company by always relying on efforts to fulfill the interests of all shareholders.

Board of Commissioners

Ir. Sandojo Rustanto The main commissioner
Ir.  Sandojo Rustanto
Drs. Indra Winarno, Msi Commissioner
Drs.  Indra Winarno, Msi
Handjojo Rustanto Commissioner
Handjojo Rustanto
Henny Rustanto Commissioner
Henny Rustanto
Irene Rustanto Commissioner
Irene Rustanto
I Nyoman Darma Independent Commissioner
I Nyoman Darma
Adikin Basirun Independent Commissioner
Adikin Basirun

Board of Directors

Arief Goenadibrata Ir, MIM President Director
Arief Goenadibrata Ir, MIM
Donny Winarno Director
Donny Winarno
Yonky Saputra Sim MBA Independent Director
Yonky Saputra Sim MBA

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